Vendor Spotlight: Makeup by Christina

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Your big day has arrived, so make sure to you look your best!
"Wear what you normally wear,  but refine it. Those pictures need to transcend time."

This week, we are giving you a sneak peak at one of our favorite makeup artists: Christina Chen!
We chat with Christina about common makeup mistakes and lasting beauty trends in the industry. Read on to learn more about Christina :)

Make-up Artist: Makeup by Christina Photography: Daniel Kim Photography

Make-up Artist: Makeup by Christina
Photography: Daniel Kim Photography

What is your favorite part of your job?
Besides getting to doll girls up and making them feel beautiful, I love getting to know different people during one of the most wonderful times of their lives!  It's a lot of fun, and also very rewarding. 

How would you describe your average work day?
I typically spend most of the earlier parts of the day doing makeup and hair in my studio or on-site.  Then, I typically spend the rest of the evening online responding to emails, and managing my social media accounts to make sure my newest work is shared.  :)  It's probably more administrative work than most people would imagine.  

What is your favorite hairstyle and make up look for brides and bridesmaids?
I am a huge believer of keeping your makeup and hair timeless on the wedding day since you don't want to look back in 30 years and think, that was so '2017'.  
I typically suggest a 'myself-but-better' makeup look which allows for you to look like you're done up in photos, without being unrecognizable.  
My personal favorite hairstyle for brides is side-down which looks flattering on most face shapes.  For bridesmaids, I think it looks great for the girls to have their hair half up or in a low side bun.

What are some common beauty mistakes that brides make?
Choosing inspiration photos which show hair color/facial features very different from your own.  I often times have Asian brides who have thick straight heavy evenly cut slippery virgin hair show me all inspirational photos of platinum blonde girls with fluffy light hairstyles and braids.  While we can try to mimic the hairstyle, it's important to realize that it won't look the same as in the inspiration photos.  Also, sometimes hairstyles/makeup inspirations look great for that one shot, but is not suitable for an all day outdoor event.  This is something you'll be work out with your artist during the trial/consultation.  

What would you say to a bride who is unsure of getting a make up artist?
Not to be biased, but I do think your makeup and hair is probably one of the most photographed/seen things on your wedding day.  Everyday makeup and makeup for photography is quite different so I would suggest hiring someone who has experience with bridal makeup and hair.  However, I do understand that it can be pricey and not everyone  can budget for it.  There are always alternatives, such as going to a salon instead if your budget doesn't allow for an on-site artist.  

Can you share your top five favorite make up face products?
Foundation- Cle De Peau
Highlighter powder (Skinfetish #003)- Pat Mcgrath Labs
Lashes - AK
Eyeliner -Angel
Contour powder - Kevyn Aucoin

What is your everyday go-to make up look?
To be honest, I just wear a tinted SPF 50 sunscreen and lip balm on a daily basis.  Sometimes, I'll throw on some fun lip color; but since I have extremely sensitive skin, I try to limit my makeup application unless I'm attending a special occasion. 

What does H&T stand for to you? (For us it is Honey & Twine but for you it can stand for honor & trust ect.)
Happy & Tasty (I love food!) 

What is your favorite quote to live by?
There are a few quotes that I keep close to my heart that go together:
Happiness is the secret to all beauty.  There is no beauty without happiness - Christian Dior

Nobody is in charge of your happiness except you.   - Anonymous

I choose to be happy today. - Anonymous

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