Things Hannah Loves

Jon and I at Chez Panisse in Berkeley
It’s hard to boil all the things I love down to one list! In life, I try (but um, don’t always succeed) to choose happiness, adventure, hard work, hard play, and good food.

Here is a sampling of the things I love...
  • My husband, Jon
  • My nephew, Thomas
  • A sunny day in San Francisco
  • Pink peonies
  • French bulldogs
  • Traveling and being in unfamiliar cultures
  • Fresh baked bread from Tartine Bakery
  • Online shopping – favorite sites: Zappos, Amazon, The Outnet, Fat Wallet. Recently discovered True&Co!
  • Thanksgiving dinner – turkey, yams and pie, oh my!
  • Diamonds and jewelry with meaning
  • Old photographs of family
  • Comfortable clothes – soft cotton, cashmere, broken in jeans

Video chatting with my nephew, Thomas (he lives in another city)

Pink peonies in my living room

My sister’s Frenchie, Milo (and little Thomas’ finger)

My sister and I in 1987!

The Parthenon in Athens, Greece!