Things Tria Loves

I love soooo many things, but here's the distilled version:

Reading & Writing have shaped who I am. Taking in the work of authors lets me experience worlds I would never otherwise be able to, and producing my own writing helps me process the world I live in. 

There’s nothing more relaxing to me than painting. When I was growing up, instead of going to Chuck E Cheese's, my two sisters, mom and I would spend the weekends on the porch with our paintbrushes. Now whenever I paint it feels like home. 

A painting of my mom's

I’m not crazy about exercising, but I do love to dance. In November I’m going to the Movement Lifestyle Tour with amazing teachers like these two newlyweds:

I love animals of all kinds, with a special soft spot for kitties, bunnies, and whales. This has led to a slight obsession with animals in weddings, as you can see from my pinterest board. 

oh heyy kitties~

Animal-shaped things also really do it for me.

I might never grow up

Cooking at home saves me so much money, is (usually) healthier than eating out, and is always fun to do with friends and family :) Wanna come over and make dinner?