Inspiration Shoot Backstory

Hee hee, I know it's been over a week since we were on Ruffled, but we're still so honored and pleased that our pet project got some love from such a great blog. We wanted to tell you a little more about the meaning and process of this photo shoot, as well as show you some images that haven't been published before. Without further ado:

Sometime in the 1960’s...

....a very skinny, very quiet high school boy in suspenders was poked in the stomach at his bus stop by a pretty, playful girl two grades above him. The girl claimed not to remember, but the boy never forgot, and when they met again years later [he pursuing science and she pursuing art] they stayed up talking all night and realized they had more in common than they ever imagined. 

In 1972 they were married in San Francisco, and lived a charmed life with their dogs and cats, the artist adorning their windowpanes with little painted flowers and grasses, the scientist juxtaposing his carefully conceived equations next to them. Their family would grow to include three daughters: Nessa, Meesha, and me.

When coming up with our inspiration shoot, I wanted to pay homage to the two fields that my parents brought together so harmoniously: Art & Science. Also, since my mom is no longer with us, I wanted to pay tribute to my parents’ marriage of 38 years, and design a wedding to perfectly fit them.

Hannah and I had such a wonderful time brainstorming and executing ideas to show how science and art can complement each other. We also wanted the shoot to reflect the personality of my parents, two very free spirits who embodied love in the 1960’s and 70’s. For our lovely model Maria, Novella Bridal Boutique provided us with two gorgeous dresses, a short Pronovias, and a long Manuel Mota. We chose these beautiful smocks because they reflected the comfortable relaxed nature we were going for, and harkened back to the 70’s in the most modern and lovely of ways. 

For the hair and makeup by Jira at Wowpretty, we went natural and soft. We wanted our model to look angelic, as if she were my mom awaiting my dad on the other side to welcome him to their dream wedding reception.

Church Street Flowers arranged all of our florals into real science equipment – we were so thrilled that beakers, flasks, cylinders and test tubes can look so very elegant! They also provided us with the materials to arrange a wild free spirited centerpiece of curly willow, moss and succulents. 

The tables, seating, and mix of eclectic dishes were all provided by Classic Party Rentals SF. We love that they have such a great range of items. We were able to mix and match to get the casual yet refined and character-filled look that we wanted.

We fused science and art in the details as well: the watercolor invitations and painted sign gave an artistic representation of the dna helix. 

Using this same dna twist idea, we made both the enclosure for the invitations and the twisted “paintbrush holder” that adorned the back of the bench. The fabric for the twists was the same as that of our napkins which we custom-made. 

Above the table we hung “atoms” twisted from gold wire and pearls.

All of our pieces came together at the amazing Allied Arts Guild. Once we came up with our concept, we could think of no better place than this artistic gem in Menlo Park. There are so many hidden corners and intimate areas here. It’s our personal favorite for either weddings, or just a relaxing stroll.

Last and certainly not least, our photographer Page Bertelsen not only provided us with gorgeous images, she also entrusted us with someone very dear for the day: her sweetheart dog Ginger! Hannah & I are pet lovers, so we just had to have a pup in our shoot!

We’d like to thank all of the talented and wonderful vendors who worked with us on this shoot, and helped our vision come to life.

Photography by Page Bertelsen
Hair and Makeup by WowPretty
Model: Maria Fang
Venue: the Allied Arts Guild