What to do in Lyon, France

I LOVE to travel, and I adore visiting my best friend, Greg, and his wife in Lyon, France. Greg and I grew up together as teens in Hong Kong. He is half French and moved to Lyon after graduating high school.

It’s wonderful to have a friend in this beautiful city that I can visit every year! Here are some snapshots from my visit so far...

A visit to the Max Chaoul Couture boutique. My, oh my, this makes me want to have another wedding!

Wine tasting in the Beaujolais region. I know, seriously spoiled.

We visited Chateau de La Chaize, which makes the finest Brouilly wine. The estate was gifted to the original owner by Louis XIV.

They gave us the key to the gate! Whoppee, we’re moving in!

Can you imagine living here?!

The chateau’s vegetable garden. I would love to host a cocktail party here.

Back in the winery building, the cellar where the wines are aged.

We were honored to receive a personal tasting from Marquise (duchess!) Caroline de Roussy de Sales. Her ancestors owned the chateau and built the winery, and she owns and operates it today.

A few other snapshots from my awesome time in Lyon!

The dessert selection at L’Epicerie Bistrot a Tartines. We had the chocolate and pear tart. Yum!!

Perouge, a beautiful medieval town that is still inhabited today.

The Rhone river in Lyon. Beautiful!

Happy and safe travels!

- Hannah x

Vintage Fashion Expo: 1920's Dresses & Animal Jewelry

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Sunday we went to the Vintage Fashion Expo in SF and saw a huge array of eclectic pieces. We couldn’t help but think of our brides when we browsed Decades of Fashion's  collection. They carry gorgeous delicately hand-sewn 1920’s dresses by the same designers who did costume design for Oscar-winning film “The Artist” and upcoming film “The Great Gatsby”. You can enjoy elegance and comfort in one of these – they all have elastic waists so you can actually breathe and eat! Have a second piece of cake! 

Here's a sampling of what we saw:

My weak camera phone does the dresses no justice, but visit Decades of Fashion in SF to see some amazing options for your wedding, after party, or just for fun! You can make an entire day out of browsing their collection of clothing, hats, shoes, and bags. 

Seeing their lovely goods inspired us to share some other 1920's inspired looks we've been seeing around:

Ventura - Pronovias by Manuel Mota
photo via bodas.net

Eden by Jenny Packham
photo via 100layercake.com

Audrey Ivory by Freya Rose
photo via freyarose.com

I of course got distracted by some adorably precious animal jewelry as well:

Animal shaped things! Sigh~ I have an addiction. Hope your Tuesdays are sweet & strong!
-T xoxo
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